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Area rugs for your living room can help define your unique style and optimize your home’s attractiveness. Using multiple area rugs for your living room can bring the space together or divide it into separated areas. Do chose a corresponding style and color for your rugs to play well with the design of your living room decor and furnishings.

Area rugs to connect spaces.

When you are trying to connect two rooms together, or bring an “L” shaped area into one room, the best way to achieve this is with the use of rugs. You can choose one large rug to go through the area and then place all of your furniture on it. Or use two rugs of similar colors and patterns to visually bring the rooms together.

Area rugs to divide a space.

You can also do the opposite and divide your space into two areas using multiple rugs. You can use a different color or pattern, but be careful with the style and size of the rugs because you still want your proportions to make sense and your decor to be unified.

Rugs on carpet.

You can separate and unite your spaces with rugs even if you have carpet installed. Much of the time the rug will look better and not “clash” if the colors and style corresponds and blends with the carpet.

Getting help with design.

When you’ve tried it all without the desired result, or you just can’t find the right rug for your living room, you may want to try consulting a specialist @ C&R Carpet and Rugs of Fredericksburg. Bring a picture of your living room to our Fredricksburg Rug and Carpet Superstore. We offer a great variety of area rugs for every room, even outdoors! We will try as hard as we can to find a perfect rug for your home. Call or visit our Fredericksburg Virginia rug and carpet store today!

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  • At C&R carpert and rugs we provide exceptional service and guality flooring products at the lowest price passible. We strongly belive in intergrity, honesty, respect and a lifetime relationship with our valued clients.

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